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Richard D. Handy
The Reich Device
Danny Nash Adventure Series

A little bit about me …

I went to a comprehensive school during the 1970s and my overactive imagination was fuelled by reading books about the natural world, war and human endurance. I wrote my first short story at the age of fifteen; then seeking adventure I learnt how to shoot a rifle, read a map and survive outdoors - amongst other things.

I hated the idea of working in an office; so it was a toss up between the army and biology. I eventually studied the latter. After graduating from Birmingham University, I moved to Scotland where I spent the next ten years climbing mountains, SCUBA diving,  and making a living as a marine biologist. I found I was good at science, especially the writing and creative thinking part, and after years of scientific writing and teaching others how to write I took up the art of fiction.

My writing is of course influenced by the places, people and cultures I have experienced. I’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively to remote places in Alaska, parts of Canada, the Arctic Circle via Norway, the Bahamas, India, the Sinai desert in Egypt, other parts of Africa. I’ve met some interesting people in Washington, London, Berlin, Iraq and elsewhere - and although I write thrillers with a healthy portion of espionage, my time spent as a mysterious academic, smoking cigarettes, and digging into government archives doesn’t really qualify me as a spy - honest... I tend to do my writing at home in Devon.

What I like to read ...

It’s a bit of a mixture. I love reading non-fiction about historical events, especially during periods of conflict or when there’s some skulduggery involved. I have a good collection of books on shipwrecks and naval history.  I am a fan  of historical thrillers, Fatherland by Robert Harris is one of my favourites, but also books by Clive Cussler, Wilbur Smith, Simon Scarrow, Andy McNab and more recently Guy Saville. I love reading the classics: Frankenstein, Dracula, Steppenwolf and Moby Dick are amongst my top ten. I also like to watch historical movies - there are so many: The Last Samurai, The House of Flying Daggers, Valkyrie, The Last of the Mohicans, Schindler’s List …